What Makes a Good Company Presentation?
A successful presentation is one that is vivid enough to make a significant impression.

In order to make your client remember your company, you need to tell a memorable story.

People like exciting stories - if your story is exciting, your audience will be more likely to keep track of the details.
For this reason, an effective presentation should be based on storytelling principles to draw and direct your client's attention to specific information. Here are some helpful tips to get ahead:

  • Identify the problem of the client you are going to talk to.
  • It is a good idea to craft a plan for communicating with the clients operating in specific industries. Then make a personalized message and develop a possible solution to the client's problem. Never use a standard message, and be ready to describe typical problems that may occur. Make your client feel that you have enough expertise to deal with their issue by telling a story illustrating a real case: focus on the problems rather than solutions!
  • It's time to talk about the solution to your client's problem! Bear in mind that you can only highlight three or four products or services your company offers: people will not remember more than that. Analyze Steve Jobs' presentation style and you will be surprised! He never mentioned millions of features that make Apple products unique. To the contrary, he tried to grab people's attention by focusing on three or four key characteristics. To identify what features you should describe, answer the following questions: "What do I want my client to remember? What product features will help to solve my client's problem?" Make sure that you can provide a clear example of the criteria that will make your solution efficient.
  • Clients may ask what type of investment and return on investment they can expect. In this case, you should be ready to tell them that it will take you some time to consider their needs to form an estimate. The purpose of the presentation is to get the client to recognize their problem and to agree that they need support to solve it as quickly as possible. You should be absolutely credible when claiming that you have an efficient solution. The whole point of the "live" meeting with a client is to deliver a personalized message through telling a conclusive story along with the power of an effective presentation. In case you still find it difficult to make a presentation, do not hesitate to contact us! Our specialists are always ready to help you to become a skilled presenter!

We have briefly discussed what makes a good company presentation.

However, there is still another important thing - a sales rep should be proud of their company and their ability to solve problems.

This contributes to the persuasive power of a sales rep and alleviates the client's concerns.

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