1. Stunning Website
2. Company Presentation
3. Сorporate Identity Guideline
4. Call Script
5. Email Marketing Scheme
6. Facebook Page

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What is the Neosight Starter Kit?
It includes our startup marketing experience combined with an individual approach. Don't waste your time and money on presenting your business – our professional skills will help you to save them!
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Company Presentation
The key to impressing your future customers and partners with your product.
Сorporate identity guide on which the success of your business depends.
Email Marketing Scheme
We'll give you unique content and set up an email marketing scheme to remind your clients about your product.
Calls Script
One script to automate your working process and make it much more efficient overall.
Facebook Page
Makes your business visible and attractive to your target audience. You'll get a profile and 3 posts.
Additionally, you will get a domain name and hosting services for your website, as well as a set-up and configured mail-service account.
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Who Needs The Neosight Starter Kit?
Everyone who starts a new business will consider their new product development strategy. We know how to advertise your business depending on which stage you're at!
You Just Registered Or Started Your Own Business
If you have nothing but your company name and strong desire to turn it into successful business, with the Neosight Starter Kit you'll receive a useful set of tools to make your aspirations a reality!
You Haven't Presented Your Brand Correctly
Why is it that so many talented people have a hard time becoming successful? We think it's that they don't know how to position themselves correctly. Present your brand the right way with the Neosight Starter Kit!
You Work Offline, But Want To Start Marketing Online
With the Neosight Starter Kit you'll get the necessary tools to start promoting your business online. It will help you to get your first orders online in just 2 weeks!
You Are A StartUp Company Looking For Investors
The Neosight Starter Kit includes many useful tools of a startup marketing agency that will help you to create a positive impression of your product or service. Show all it's advantages and features to potential investors!

Why Do You Need Landing Pages That Convert?
The best product landing pages play a major role in product development marketing and transforming visitors into customers.
Better Advertising
It helps increase the effect of contextual advertising.
Higher Conversion
It usually has a higher conversion rate than an average website.
More Sales
It helps expand your customer base and increase online sales.
How can the Neosight Starter Kit help you to start a business?
It's a very important step for the start of your business and in new product advertisement. If you have the right website, your company will be successful.
Calls Script
You will always know what to say to your future customers – never lose customers by not knowing how to respond!

Defining your corporate style and knowing how to use it are necessary tools that will help you to save your money while promoting your business.

Email Script
By using this script you can easily write an email to your customers to remind them about your product or service.

Email Marketing Scheme
We integrate this scheme with your website. After someone makes an order online, they'll receive an automatic follow up email.
Facebook Page
If you want to build trust between your business and your potential customers, your product must have the correct social media pages.
All in One
We're a company that can handle all of your needs. Start your business with one kit!
The right way to market a business!
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You Request
Tell us more about your goals - we need to know them all to create the effective Neosight Starter Kit for your business.
We Work
We create your personalized Neosight Starter Kit that will help you to get your first leads and orders in just 2 weeks.
Great Result
You'll show your target audience the benefits of your product and get your first sales with the Neosight Starter Kit!
Choose the right partner for advertising a new business!
When you work with our team, you are able to focus solely on your product or service while we take care of creating tools to attract your first customers!
Examples of the Neosight Starter Kit:
What is the Neosight Starter Kit? We have prepared an example for the beauty industry. This starter kit includes a website, a presentation, a call script and an email marketing scheme:
All materials in these templates are assumed and from stock, they don't relate to real companies or people
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