SEO Promotion Without Paying for Advertising Space
Free of charge advertising space is an important advantage of SEO.

Now, look, how does traditional advertising work?

You choose a location where you want your ads, such as a TV or radio channel, a newspaper or magazine. Then pay the proprietor of your chosen media for ad placement. The payment normally covers a specified time frame or other conditions of ad appearance.
The payment normally covers a specified time frame or other conditions of ad appearance.Once the paid time is up, there will be no more ads, and your ad campaign will stop generating extra revenue.

Search engines operate in a different manner. Here are a few examples of actual pages in the search results.
The first two links in the screenshot are paid ads. They are paid for on a per-click basis (PPC). You will always find a tiny "Ad" tag on ads like these. This is somewhat similar to traditional marketing campaigns: the brand pays for ad space and impressions.

What should be noted, of course, is the fact that PPC implies payment only when the user clicks your ad and follows the link. This offers a significant advantage over traditional advertising methods, but even so, you have to pay for each prospective customer.Besides, the brand will cease to appear in the search results the moment the brand owner chooses to suspend the campaign.
But every other link below these two, nobody had to pay for giving them high rankings in the search results. That said, it is more than probable that someone invested a lot of money and energy to create a user-friendly website and fill it with relevant and valuable content to get that first link rank so high. After all, it's these factors that the Google search algorithms consider important. The algorithms are designed to provide search results that are best and most useful for a specific user.

Bottom line: you create an interesting website optimized for specific keywords important to get the attention of your target audience, and in turn, the search engine secures the first place in its search results for you. It's really an effective way to attract your prospective customers without bearing advertising costs.
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