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Optimized Brand-Focused Website
Important facts about you, your blogs and audience, convenient for advertisers
CRM System
Easy and effective relationships with advertisers
Brand Presentation
Effective tool for working with big brands and marketing agencies
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Tell Advertisers About Yourself
Give your potential clients - big brand and agencies - more information about yourself and your blogs
About You
Advertisers want to learn more about you - don't waste your time answering the same questions over and over. We will make a block of important information for your website.
List of Your Blogs
A complete list of all of your blogs in one place! Your advertisers will have all the information they need to collaborate with you.
Tell Advertisers About Your Audience
Describe your audience for each blog in detail: outreach, geos, gender, age etc. We will display it on your website in an interesting way, for example:
AGE 21-40
Tell Advertisers About Cooperation
Describe the most effective method for your clients to cooperate with your blog
Types of Cooperation & Prices
Your website will contain prices for all the different ways people can work with your blog - don't waste your time answering the same questions over and over.
Post Booking Module
Save time by allowing advertisers to book posts on your blog with our post booking module! Streamline your workflow.
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