Neosight Influencer Kit
Boost your media coverage with the help of proven high-quality influencers and media platforms. Our complete solution allows you to get advertising from one place and for a very affordable price!

It's a must have for anyone who needs to develop their product's brand and grow through word of mouth.
Why Your Brand Needs The Neosight Infuencer Kit
Start collaboration with the right influencers and get more customers for your business!
The cheapest way to reach your target audience in bulk
One post from the right influencer can give you a large target audience in a short period of time for a very affordable price.
The power of the word of mouth effect
Selected in right way influencer can give you an organic flow of customers through the word of mouth effect – the most powerful marketing tool for today.
Feedback at first-hand
The ability to be at arm's length from the target audience and receive feedback about your product to improve it.
What is the Neosight Influencer Kit
Boost the number of visitors to your website, as well as your brand awareness with the most effective social networks
A native post or story with a photo or short video will turn attention to your product or service.
The influencer can make a video with a full review of your product or advertise it on a live stream.
An interesting way to promote your brand and show all of its benefits is with short musical videos.
Messages with interesting photos or videos will help to make your target audience more interested.
Get Your Benefits With The Neosight Influencer Kit
Save your time and money with our social media promotion solution
What Makes Us Different
When you work with our team, you are able to focus solely on your product or service while we take care of your business promotion
1. We only work with proven, high-quality influencers in various social networks.

2. We provide a quick and effective method for finding relevant audiences for our clients.

3. We implement "turnkey" advertising campaigns – assist with creatives development, negotiations, control and others.

4. We offer very affordable prices for our services.

Let Us Help Your Business Develop
Start collaboration with the right influencer and get more customers
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