Increasing the Credibility of a Business by Using SEO
With the rapid advance of the Internet, the selling processes have changed dramatically for many businesses.

Now, the consumer can explore a lot of useful online resources before finally communicating with the seller. Now, they know more about what they can do. Requirements for sales reps have grown more than ever.
SEO is your chance to be part of a user's learning process. Be useful and interesting for your prospective customer, and in turn, he or she will grow interested in your product or service. Win their trust. Make sure to combine your efforts in website optimization with content marketing.
Here's a scheme that describes how this works:
1. The users find your website after submitting a search query that matches your business industry.

2. Then, they explore your online resource. If the users like it, find it useful and valuable, they will then sign up for your newsletter and may even share your online resource with friends.

3. This is the step where the process slows down.
If you are used to the traditional sales process, the hiatus on this step can be frustrating. Just do not rush it and keep working for your prospects, post useful content and talk about the benefits of your product.

4. In the next few months, the users may read your promo emails and follow up on the novelties of your company without taking any action. Despite their inaction, your credibility is growing in the eyes of your customers. Each new portion of valuable content that you post on your site gradually gains the trust of the user. By doing that, you are building a trusted and welcomed brand in the eyes of your potential client.

5. This is the final step. The user is now officially your prospect and ready to close the deal. Whenever the need for products that you sell arises, your users know exactly to whom they should turn.

This scheme seems too slow, but it works. Besides, you will be working with a large number of users at the same time. The Internet is an inexhaustible wellspring of paying customers. The important thing is to attract clients and win their trust. This is one of the more important features of SEO: creating a virtual credible brand for your company.
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