6 Reasons for a Search Engine Optimization
Want to be found by your prospective customers on the Internet? Want your site to provide real value for your business? The arena where the battle royale between you and your leading competitors is happening is known as the Internet.

Modern consumers trust search engines to resolve even the most sensitive issues. They will use a search engine for finding a diner nearby to grab a snack and they will use it to locate a B2B software seller.
This offers a huge hidden potential for your business. This potential is hidden deep in the features of popular search engines such as Google.

No matter what is the product that you sell, your target audience (TA) will, most likely, look for it specifically. But how to make sure it is your website they find? To attract your target audience to your website, you need to do a search engine optimization ⁠— SEO.

SEO services include developing a strategy for improving the ranking of your site in the search results of a given search engine. To do that, you need keywords and phrases used by your TA. The ranking of your site is improved for those search queries that include such words and phrases. That way, your chances of being found in the search results by prospects who are interested in your products or services increase significantly.

These days, SEO is a part of any effective marketing strategy. Let's review the reasons as to why you should do a search engine optimization and what it can offer you in more detail.

1. Brand Building
Branding is fundamental for the popularity and marketability of any product. While branding is considered a conventional marketing strategy, and SEO digital, their building principles are not dissimilar.

Brand building is based on product quality and third-party reviews. Search engine optimization is also built on the same factors:

1) you need to create quality content to appeal to your TA;
2) you need to get links to that content from other sites.

That's how you make your perfect online image. And that image will represent you before your target audience.
2. Traffic Driving

Improved search rankings are important, but they are not the endgame of an SEO-campaign. Ideally, increased rankings should drive more traffic that will get you your real prospective customers.

And this strategy really works!

For example, here is an annual traffic chart for an entirely new site, plotted according to research by Siege Media, a content marketing agency.

You see traffic growth from zero to 100 thousand visitors solely by SEO optimization. This really is the best way to drive more traffic to your site.

3. Helping Your Prospects Find You

Statistically, 62% of Internet users turn to search engines for information when they want to find out something about a new business, product or service. 41% of them are ready to buy. This is a huge opportunity for modern businesses. SEO is the thing that you need to make sure your website appears right in front of a prospect at exactly the right time.

That is, offering your site to the user as a search result to a keyword query that really reflects the nature of your proposed product or service is crucial. You need that in order to engage your business in online search effectively so that it only attracts customers who are really interested.

According to the survey 48% of users visit the official website of a company to find out more about it. That way, your well-established and strong online presence will help interested parties research you and buy your products in the most relevant fashion.
4. A Chance to Leave the Competition Behind
Search engine optimization does not just raise the rankings of your site and move it up in the results of a search engine. It also increases your competitive fitness. Statistically:

  • the first result in the search results gets 20.5% of the clicks;
  • the second result gets 13,32% of the clicks;
  • the third result gets 13,14% of the clicks, and so on.
That means, the higher your link in the search results, the more clicks it gets and the more money you can make. Consequently, the links of your competitors will be clicked less and they will respectively make less money.
5. Enhancing UX

Google always strives to deliver its users the best, most relevant and interesting results. That's why many of their algorithm updates are designed not just to ensure delivery of a relevant result but one that can also offer excellent user experience.

It is the reason why all sorts of technical indicators (such as mobile-readiness, loading speed, and usability) are more crucial than ever before. This means that your website should always be worked on, but that work will also affect the growth of your future sales and profits significantly.

6. Tracking Your Results

One of the important advantages of SEO is that any achieved result is measurable. You can easily compare investments in search engine optimization of the website with returned profits from such investments.

For example, Google Analytics can help you collect detailed statistics for your website: traffic, conversions, referral sources and other data important for your business.

This will allow you to analyze what works for you best, to improve your development strategy, and to ensure that your money is invested in development properly.
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